David Morey and his MMG team’s performances leverage magic as metaphor to empower imagination:

Close Up:
Involving intimate performances for small and large groups that offer every guest a personal and magical interaction. The show demonstrates the art of sleight of hand, the impossibility of mind reading and the mystery of magic. Each show can be customized for special occasions.

Perfect for diplomatic or corporate functions. The show moves from group to group and entertains each for 5-7 minutes. It is a fast moving and exciting offering of magic and mentalism, involving both the hand and mind.

Trade Show:
Our MMG team uses the magic of metaphor to attract and engage large crowds. We are experts at blending marketing and magic to deliver customized themes and messages that help build your brand and sell your product.

Stand-Up Show:
A customized and extraorinary stage or after-dinner show that will be talked about for a long time. Minds will be read, stories brought to life and mysteries displayed. The magic of the mind will be on display in ways that will not be forgotten.