What a busy new tour across Asia, Africa, and the US. We began with a special presentation and performance for Bank of America’s Senior Executive Team in Charlotte, North Carolina—debuting our new keynote: “Think Like A Magician.” The presentation focused on the importance and power of leading change, thinking differently, and playing offense, anchoring and leveraging each point with performances of magic and mind-to-mind communications over two hours. What a great event!

Next, we’ve been touring across Africa doing shows and speeches, and back to the US for three days for a headline performance on April 22nd at the Habitat for Humanity Annual Gala in Washington, New Jersey, to raise money for veteran housing…..300 people— great audience to be sure!

In between television appearances on Fox, CNN and MSNBC, we’re back in Asia touring and preparing for a very special private performance at the world-famous Magic Castle on May 7th—presenting again our “Think Like A Magician” keynote to 50 of the Wharton School’s top fellows and executives …. Honored to be performing for my alma matter and at this amazing venue. Below is the press release:

David Morey Headlines Private Performance for Wharton Fellows at World-Famous Magic Castle

Hollywood, California; May 2, 2017: The exclusive Wharton Fellows program has organized a private dinner and special “Think Like A Magician” presentation by David Morey at the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, California. Morey performs cutting-edge magic and uses the art form to help re-ignite audience’s imagination.

Morey will be previewing his upcoming book, Making Business Magic (Mango Press 2017), with a performance and presentation applying the principles of magic to challenge assumptions and empower imagination. His upcoming book will be co-authored by Eugene Burger, one of the world’s most acclaimed close-up magicians, and John McLaughlin, the former acting Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, and an avid magician.

“Think Like A Magician” is a unique framework capturing the best of magic and relating directly to key creative and innovation lessons for business. It’s three large thematic concepts include:

  • Leading Change: Imagining what the audience thinks, re-writing the marketplace rules, and applying a bold problem-solving approach.
  • Thinking Differently: Challenging and changing assumptions to help unlock your memory, reason, and imagination—inspired by Morey’s first corporate client, Apple founder Steve Jobs.
  • Playing Offense: Absorbing this all-critical principle of strategic and business success today—controlling the competitive dialogue, moving to attack and even exploit challenges, and never playing defense.

David Morey is Chairman and CEO of DMG Global, an international strategic consultancy, and Adjunct Professor at the University of Pennsylvania. He is one of America’s leading strategic consultants—and one of the most sought-after speakers, performers, and magicians. Over the years, Morey has advised five Nobel Peace Prize winners and seventeen winning global presidential campaigns—including the historic campaigns of Barack Obama. He’s the award-winning author of The Underdog Advantage (McGraw-Hill 2004), and The Leadership Campaign (Career Press 2016).

As a magician, Morey has entertained at the most powerful events, including the Official Inaugural Balls for the 44th President of the United States, and on stages around the world. His corporate clients include GE, Verizon, Pepsi, Mars, KPMG, McDonald's, Microsoft, News Corp., Nike, P&G, Disney, Visa, The Coca-Cola Company, Linked-in, TPG, American Express, NBC, Samsung, Deloitte, and many others.

The Magic Castle, is internationally recognized as among the world’s most unique private clubs. Housed in a 1909 Chateau-style Hollywood mansion, the goal of the Magic Castle is to advance and stimulate interest in the art of magic. Members must be performing and accomplished magicians—and daily shows are featured in private settings, close-up, parlor, and stage venues. Past and current members include Orson Welles, Johnny Carson, Cary Grant, Steve Martin, Neil Patrick Harris, Jason Alexander, and a range of theatrical and other celebrities.

Finally, we’re ramping up campaigns for David Morey’s two new books: Making Business Magic: Using the Force and Metaphor of Magic to Unlock Your Imagination and Business, and Innovating Innovation, both to be published by Mango Press later this year and early in 2018.

Check out this 6-minute speech video summarizing how we approach these challenges…..and while you’re at it, please visit
for details on David Morey and Scott Miller’s most recent book, published by Career Press, and selling globally now.

Finally, finally, we have two big announcements: First, David will be performing and lecturing in Beijing from July 10 to 23rd and, second, and this is still under wraps: We’ll be announcing a new and ultra-exclusive monthly show …. so stay tuned for more information. And have a magical day!